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    For maximal
    fun and smile =)
    read the following

    Leave your worries behind. During the event worrying and bad mood are not allowed. You can only laugh and be positive.


    If you are carrying your mobile phone, put it in a plastic bag to protect it from the dust created by the HOLI colors.


    After the daytime activities with HOLI colors, we will clean everything, but we do advise you to bring tissues.


    If sensitive, it is advised to bring lip balsam and maybe swimming goggles for kids. Regular sunglasses can be of use too.


    Although HOLI colors are not harmful, we do advise you to out sunglasses on.


    Bag full of surprises that you receive during the daytime activities will be given out during the event.


    We advise you to come to the event on time to minimize the waiting and crowds.


    The event is colorful and fun so you should adjust your dress code to it, too. Wear comfortable shoes. This is where fashion comes second.


    Invite as many friends as possible to enjoy this event to its full potential. Take fun photos and let the HOLI colors wake up the child in you.


    Take photos, take photos, take photos! Make sure to create memories from the event.


    There will be food and drinks so don’t worry you will not be thirsty or hungry.


    You will be able to purchase everything you need to have fun, so do not have many stuff on you.


    After the race starts the music event and it is planned to last till the sun comes up. Some of the biggest DJs will be playing so make sure you stay hydrated and take care of each other.