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    By purchasing the ticket for SMILE ZAGREB I claim, on my own behalf, to agree with the following listed by the event management of the event. I agree to the following. The event may cause increased efforts and straining of the body, so I claim to be of good health, completely prepared for the event with none health problems or difficulties. I agree to follow and obey the rules of the event management and am on board with the decisions, instructions and advices of the event management. I am aware of the risks that could be caused by the participation in the event and in case of any difficulties, caused by the participation in the event , such as physical injuries, body bruises, fear, mental disorders or injuries caused by objects will not sue or ask for compensation from the event management. I participate on my voluntary decision and take full risk and will not be asking for any compensations, financial or non financial, or sue the event management department. The event management department is not responsible for any loses, damages, costs, expenses caused by my participation in the vent. All data voluntarily shared with management department can be used or shared in the media, social media and websites related to the event. That includes my photographs, videos, interviews etc. all of it can be used without the management department asking for special permission . I am not expecting any kind of payment in return for the usage of it.



    Management department, organizer will save the personal data of the volunteers and use it according to the law on the protection of personal data of the European Community 2016/679/EZ GDPR and the law on the enforcement of general provisions on data protection NN 42/2018. By participating the volunteer allows the event management department, organizer to save and use the gathered data according to the purpose of the event.


    3. OTHERS

    Event management, organizer can cancel the event and change the schedule. They have the right also to change the terms and conditions, but have to inform the users and the public about the changes on the website or social media platforms.