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    For maximal
    fun and smile =)
    read the following
    • Put  your worries aside! Bad mood is not allowed at the event, only smiles and positivity =)
    • If you are going to bring your phone or any device to the event, we recommend that you have a plastic bag with you to protect it from the HOLI colours.
    • After the day time activities which will include HOLI colours, we’ll make sure that you can clean up a bit. However, we recommend that you bring a towel or cleaning wipes with you.
    • If you are sensitive, we recommend that you bring mouth masks and some swimming goggles for your children, although sunglasses should be fine.
    • Although the colour itself is not dangerous, we recommend that you use sunglasses to protect your eyes.
    • Each visitor will receive a backpack full of surprises. Since we will distribute them on the day of the event we recommend you to arrive at the event early to avoid crowds.
    • This event will be crazy, so dress as crazy as possible.
    • Dress as comfortably as possible, the look is on the 2nd place this time.
    • Not an athlete? No problem! It won’t be a sports competition but some fun and active time spent with friends . The most important thing is that everyone has fun and smiles =).
    • Take a picture, take a picture and take a picture again. Make sure you remember the event forever when you review old photos.
    • Food and drinks will be provided at the event, so you don’t have to worry about being hungry or thirsty.
    • At the event, it will be possible to buy everything you will need for a memorable day, so don’t bring too many things with you.
    • After the sports activities, an unforgettable spectacle will take place until the early morning hours. Best musicians from all around the world will perform, so make sure to stay hydrated and take care of each other, you don’t want to miss any of the fun!
    • Take care of yourself and be responsible to others. Follow all the measures and instructions of the organizers.
    • Safety is our number one priority, so we ask you to respect the measures that will be in force at that time and take care of yourself and others. Our masks are cool! =)