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    When and where will the Smile Nation Slovenia festival take place? =)
    The festival will take place on 24th of June, at the Ilirija stadion in Ljubljana.


    Why the new name Smile Nation Slovenia? =)
    With Tušev tek barv festival, we were able to bring joy to more than 50,000 visitors so far, and make them smile. In the coming years we will continue to bring unforgettable smiles to your faces, which is why we named the event Smile Nation Slovenia! =)


    What will the night part of the event include?
    A great music spectacle with the world’s biggest stars that no fan of festivals should miss.


    Is it possible to buy a ticket on the day of the event?
    YES, but we recommend you to buy as soon as possible, as we have a limited number of tickets and they may get sold out before the last day. In any case it will be possible to buy tickets for the virtual event Smile Nation Slovenia on the day of the event.

    Do I need to be physically fit to take part in sports activities?
    NO, our goal is to attract as many people as possible, even those who are not involved in sports otherwise, as the goal of the event is fun and as many smiles as possible =)


    Is it necessary to pay the registration fee?
    YES, for participation in the event it is necessary to pay the registration fee or entrance fee. All information can be found in the (Tickets) section.


    Will I receive a backpack full of surprises?
    YES, also this year, every ticket buyer will receive a backpack full of surprises and various gifts.


    Is there any age limit?
    NO, there is no age limit. Those over the age of 18 will receive a special bracelet at the entrance upon presentation of a valid identity document, proving your adulthood, as without this, the purchase of alcoholic beverages will not be possible.


    What will be the conditions for entering the event?
    Admission to the event will be possible with a valid ticket in digital or printed form from 3 pm onwards.
    You will also need to provide one of the following proofs before entering: a negative PCR or RAT test for COVID-19, a certificate of COVID-19, or a certificate of completed vaccination against COVID-19.


    Will I be able to test myself at the venue?
    We recommend that you test yourself one day before the event in your hometown, at one of the free RAT / PCR test points. If you do not have this option, a pre-event testing point will be set up in Tivoli Park. In this case, we recommend arriving as soon as possible to get rid of any crowds.


    What will be the safety and hygiene measures at the event?
    All information on safety and hygiene measures in connection with COVID-19 can be read HERE.


    Will there be only a “cashless” payment system at the event?
    YES, there will be no cash usage at the event. You will be able to pay for food and drinks only with the special festival bracelet or bank card. You will be notified of the means of payment before the event.


    Will you be an environmentally friendly festival?
    YES, we will collect trash separately, recycle glasses, use organic HOLI colours that are safe for the environment. We will not use fireworks and environmentally hazardous special effects, and there will be no plastic straws at the festival.


    Can I come to the event with my car?
    YES, you can get to the event by car, as there are several public parking lots available in Ljubljana. Some of these are chargeable, others are not. The venue itself, however, does not have its own parking lot.


    Will security and appropriate measures be taken at the event?
    At the event, we will take care of maximum security and all the necessary measures that will be applicable at that time.


    What if I didn’t get an answer to my question on this page?
    You can contact us via our Facebook or Instagram page or directly by email: info@thesmilenation.com